Hello and Welcome to my personal website! I’m a PhD student in Cognitive and Vision Sciences at Ecole Normale Supérieure in the Chair “Beauty” PSL-L’Oréal. At the Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs, with my PhD advisor, Peter Neri, we do behavioral experiments on cuttlefish and fishes to explore the perception of aesthetically pleasing patterns and colors in art and nature.

A video where I present my PHD project in 3 minutes.

The objective of my PhD is to attempt to give an explanation of the cognitive and evolutionary origins of the perception of beautiful patterns by conducting behavioral experiments in animals (cephalopods cuttlefish Sepia officinalis and guppies) and comparative studies in humans with Psychophysics and EEG experiments. I also use computer vision and image processing tools to explore and quantify images.

Cognition and Perception of Beauty

My PHD project concerns the cognitive and evolutionary origins of the perception of Beauty.

Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Art & Nature Images

I use image processing, computer vision and deep learning to explore and analyze images.

Animal Experiments

Cuttlefish Sepia Officinalis & Guppies are my animal participants for behavioral experiments on the perception of natural patterns.

About my other interests

When I was studying Art History, I had a focus on Contemporary Art in West Africa. You can find in the section “Revolutionary Art in Africa” the archives of my works resulting from 5 research field travels in Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana.


Feel free to contact me if you want to share ideas, discuss, comment, want to collaborate on the projects !

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